How To Repair Plaster Walls with the lady

How To Repair Plaster Walls

Plaster walls, especially those in older homes, usually have cracks due to the house “settling” in its foundation, or holes from where furniture or doors have struck the plaster and damaged it. Although plaster or joint compound takes practice, you can actually do it yourself, you only need to know how to repair plaster walls. If you have no experience with plaster or its near relative, joint compound, don’t learn […]

Perfect Design Awning Window Treatments

Some Benefits of Awning Window Threatment

  Awning windows are open outward windows from the bottom. Usually they are hinged at the top. These kinds of windows offer full ventilation. As they are open outward from the outside they look like awning. The awning windows are identically with older home. You can find most older homes have these awning windows. Today awning windows used as decorative feature or used as additional ventilation. Awning windows can be […]

Best Quality Modern Durable Kitchen Table Set

How to Find Best Materials for Make Durable Kitchen Table

The durable kitchen table surely requires some good materials. It is an important aspect of kitchen design. Not only does it need to be highly functional, but should be aesthetically pleasing as well. The appropriate material selection is the key to keeping a table looking nice for years to come. The durable kitchen table is among the most important factors, since a table will need to resist scratching, staining, heat […]

Cool Dorm Room Setups Idea

Tips and Tricks of Cool Dorm Room Setups

So, you are thinking about bringing something new into your dorm room, but do not really have an idea what to do about it. Well, I think it is such a good time for you to start considering the idea of the cool dorm room setups. That is right—you just heard it so well. In fact, we are going to spend a little bit more time here with me in […]

The Pierre by Olsonkundig Architects with candle wall decor

The Pierre by Olsonkundig Architects

Creating unique living space can be done in various ways and this house I’m going to discuss is one of those ways in achieving that purpose. Located in Washington, United States, the house was completed in 2010 and takes about 2,500 sq ft. The style of the house is simple yet so appealing. What makes the house appealing is maybe the place where the house located.  The house can be […]

Decorating Master Bedroom Walls with TV

Decorating Master Bedroom Walls

Bedroom is personal room of everybody who spend their time in this room. Bedroom has special sense of a room because this place will keep you more comfortable and keep your personality. Nobody can enter this room freely because it is personal room and only people who are admitted by the owner to enter this room. Bedroom should be decorated by artistically and based on the character and personality of […]

Organize My Room and Keep It Clean With Green Walls

How to Organize My Room and Keep It Clean

The bedroom is your very own personal sanctuary. This is where you do whatever you want to do and be the boss of your own place. So it’s really a must to make your bedroom clean and organized. Our room pampers us so it’s time to pamper our room back. So here are some tips how to organize my room and keep it clean. First, remove things that you don’t […]

Neutral Paint Colors for Kitchen

As for neutral paint colors for kitchen, you must have known about the color wheel. That item surely would help us in finding the best neutral color palettes we can meet to repaint our kitchens. Yeah, if we come to decorating our kitchen, wall paint colors is one of determiner for the success that you will get in the end. Perfect paint colors for a perfect kitchen, you may say. […]

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Island with white tables

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Island

Kitchen is a hearth of a house. It is the place where families spend time together cooking, baking, and making memories. You have to make your kitchen comfortable for you and the kitchen become a comfortable working space. It is good for you who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So it is important to provide the perfect lighting for the kitchen especially the lighting for the kitchen […]

Good Garden Landscape Ideas Pictures

Garden Landscape Ideas Pictures

Have garden around house is the best way to fresh our mind when we feel bored or bad mood. Garden, although it’s small, is that in front of or backyard, it has meaningful for our life. Garden can get back our mood and becomes precious place to spend time. Garden landscape ideas pictures can be with ornamental grasses, prairie or woodland flowers, artwork, patio, or storage. Of course, it depends […]

Decorative Design of the Flower Mirror with Green Wall

Decorative Design of the Flower Mirror

Do you like flowers? If you like flowers, you may wanna see this flower-like mirror. I mean the shape of the mirror design like the flower mirror. It can make the wall to be more decorative. The decorative design of flower mirror would be a good thing. This product is very unique. It has many kinds of designs you can choose to have and suit for your mirror. You have […]