Hi Tech Furniture with grey wall

Hi Tech Furniture

Most of you do know what hi tech furniture is and now, they are using this kind of furniture as part of the home décor simply because they are looking for something futuristic, something that could bring the whole design and décor to the next level, to the future. That is the reason why hi tech furniture becomes much more popular these days. I am not going to say that other types of furniture […]

Best Way To Clean Tile with brown sofa

Best Way To Clean Tile

There are many reasons for us to have stress when it comes to the home cleaning activity, especially cleaning the floor. Yeah, I know it sounds simple. Cleaning the floor, not kind a big deal. But, there are many people who have difficulty to find the best way to clean tile. Dirt in your tiles may come from anywhere. Children or pet can be major source of dirt. Well, not […]

Yellow Chaise Lounge With Wood Table

How to Build DIY Yellow Chaise Lounge

Hi everyone! Do you like modern home style? If you like that, put yellow chaise lounge in your home as the furniture is good. The chaise lounge is a common piece of furniture in many homes. It includes the common patio chair and the living room recliner. It’s a chair with an upholstered back and extended sitting area for placement of the legs. It’s best to choose yellow color for you chaise longue, […]

Marvelous Modern Glass Dining Room Tables

Glass Dining Room Tables Design Ideas

The house design should be chosen based on the style of yourself. You have to get the design of your house to be comfortable. A house has a lot of rooms. You have to get the right design based on the room. You have to get your room design to be great and awesome. The awesome design of the house would create the feelings and the atmosphere of the house. […]

Decorated Apartment Living Rooms with Ladderation

Decorated Apartment Living Rooms

Living in an apartment is the choice of many of today’s young professionals, with a variety of activity which they do every day, they will be very time-consuming, which is why they so prefer something more practical and convenient, the apartment is the most appropriate solution for their current , the apartment proved to be more practical than building a house, with a room that we’ve provided, then last thing […]

GOod Lucite Chairs

The Beauty and Elegance of Lucite Chairs

Do you know Lucite chairs? Yes the chairs with transparent color, you know, I feel so amazed to see this child, I still remember when I was a child, my mother took me the furniture store, and I just don’t get it, there is a guy sitting on the water, that time I see transparent thing is like a water, so I ask my mother, mom, why do that guy […]

How to Clean Bathroom with Bath Wall

How to Clean Bathroom

Well, bathroom is the place for you to get clean that’s why you need to make sure bathroom is clean as well, today I will talk about How to Clean Bathroom. Do you ever feel your bathroom looks so messy and smelly? that will be bad bathroom, and you need to start to clean the bathroom. Cleaning bathroom is not just wash it with water, you need to know every […]

Modern Colorful Furniture for Your Home with Lighting

Modern Colorful Furniture for Your Home

Decoration of interior design ha many variant styles that will make you confuse to choose one of them. There are some people like classic style, rustic style, modern minimalist style, and contemporary style. When we bore with the common style that we always find at some homes, now we start to get new refresh style to our home. It would be okay if we use colorful furniture to decorate our interior home […]

El Viento by Otto Medem Arquitectura with plant decorating

El Viento by Otto Medem Arquitectura

If you like everything simple and modern, this El Viento by Otto Medem Arquitecture is a way to go for you. The living place is really attractive even though with its very simple design and style. The structure of the house itself is special and uncommon. Not only that, the site where the house located is also kinda special since we have such a beautiful view under. From outside, the […]

Bright Colorful Bedding Nursery Crib Design

Pick the Bright Colorful Bedding Design for Your Bedroom

Picking the best color for the bedding shouldn’t be limited in one color. You should however try to pick the brightest colorful bedding designs for your bedroom. Don’t limit yourself in picking plain colors for the bedding, as it will help you in having a great sleep. You cannot also find bright colors would disturb your sleep because it is just depending on how tired you are. As long as […]

Best Modern Living Rooms with wooden floor

Best Modern Living Rooms

The best modern living rooms furniture will always talk about not so complicated designed piece of art with sleek and classy touch provide more spacious feel and look into the room. Finding the best modern living rooms furniture will never be such an easy thing to do. We are not only talking about many factors for you to consider, but also about the available choices for you to pick in […]