Modern and Elegant Design of the Ann Sacks Kitchen with grey floor

Modern and Elegant Design of the Ann Sacks Kitchen

If you are decorating your kitchen, there are many products which can be chosen in filling the space of the kitchen. Whether it is small thing until the large ones will be important to be picked carefully. It is because there many brands which offer their products with their own features and classification. We need to select and pick carefully the things which will be placed inside the kitchen. Among […]

Classic Christmas Tree Ideas with the light

Classic Christmas Tree Ideas

Maybe every Christmas a lot of people who prefer to decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons and ornaments elegant, while others might decorate their Christmas tree the other way round. Namely through a classic Christmas tree ideas that can set the tone of warmth and nostalgia to create your vacation. You can decorate your Christmas tree using gilded nuts that can add a sense of wealth with gold metallic paint painting or […]

Shower Room Design Ideas with Vintage

Shower Room Design Ideas

Shower room could be place that has potential to showing your personality style. The shower room is the room that people usually use for personal or quiet and calm resource in your house. I think it is become personal space because you will spend the time in the shower room just alone and private. That’s why shower room should be enjoying, comfort, and pleasuring. Bathroom now is no longer just […]

Blue and Green Paint Ideas for Modern Interior Decoration with blue blanket

Blue and Green Paint Ideas for Modern Interior Decoration

Do you thinking of repainting some of the rooms at your home? Well, there are colors that in trend right now. You can obviously consider the blue and green paint ideas. These 2 colors will look great at your room or other cabinets. The mixture of them will create turquoise blue which already be in trend for several years. It can be really good if it applied to bed room […]

Circle Punch Beautiful DIY Wall Art Projects

Beautiful DIY Wall Art Projects for Your Home

Another Do It Yourself project here, and this time it’s about DIY wall art projects, talking about wall art, then you should know how to optimize your wall, it’s about how to create better appearance on your wall, it can be wall paper, or real painting skills. I will talk about the real painting skills, so I guess you will need to prepare framed plain canvas, the first wall art is […]


Southern Staircase For Indoor Decoration

If your home has stories, then the design of your staircase should be highly considered. Staircase can be used to express certain style in your home and the effect is very significant. This is also the main focal in the room, so this is the best element that can express the style of your home. Staircase comes in various designs that can be suited to your need and taste. Southern […]

Living Room Wicker Furniture - New Eclectic Look in Your Home with ornament

Living Room Wicker Furniture – New Eclectic Look in Your Home

Wicker furniture is an interesting element you can add to create an eclectic look in your living room. It can be paired with almost all type of living room decorating, not only retro or traditional look. Living room wicker furniture can add an elegant and an oriental touch to your living room design. The wooden-like finish of the furniture makes it very appropriate for a country style living room and […]

Large Flower Arrangement Ideas Photos

Large Flower Arrangement Ideas

Many people especially woman like flowers, it’s because the flowers are the beautiful thing. Besides, they have many functions. For example; people ca give flower to each other as the present for birthday, anniversaries, Valentine’s day and any other special occasion. They also can be an accessories for your home. Flowers come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are very tiny, and others, like the sunflower, can be quite large. […]

Round Foyer Table Decorating Ideas with rose

Round Foyer Table Decorating Ideas

The entrance or the hallways are the space that can be the first impression for the visitor of a house. You must not waste the chance to attract the guest using this strategic area. You can place some attractive items and arrangements in order to make it beautiful. The most popular style to be used as the hallway or entryway decoration is the round foyer table decorating ideas. Firstly, before […]

White Eiffel Tower Candle

A Taste of French Wedding with Eiffel Tower Candle

  The most romantic wedding style is, of course, making use of French style, such as adding an Eiffel tower candle as your wedding favor. Well, many great things can be said about France and Eiffel Tower, but one can never forget their romanticism and love. Paris is the city of love and that’s why the Eiffel Tower is somewhat becoming a symbol of love around the world. Of course, we […]

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors with yellow paint

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

There are some tips for choosing interior paint colors. Before we go down to the business, there is an introductory that you need to know about those tips for choosing interior paint colors. So, choosing the right paint colors for your interior is essential in decorating plans. It is somehow, the major decision before you can go to other steps. Anyway, since the member of your family would gaze the […]