How To Determine Spiral Staircase Dimensions

Spiral Staircase Dimensions With Glass Design

If you want to add a spiral staircase in your home, you need to know the dimension to make the building plan. Spiral staircase dimensions can be different for different people since they have different taste and need. However, there are some rules you have to follow to determine the dimension of your staircase. This can be a guide for you to meet the right dimension.

You can determine your spiral staircase dimensions with some simple steps. You can firstly determine the diameter of your spiral staircase. The diameter will be different depend on the space you have in your home. However, the room should have at least 6 feet to guarantee the safety of your staircase. After that, you can find the central pole for building your staircase. The pole can be 2 feet or 4 feet in diameter depend on the stability and durability your spiral staircase needs. After finding the pole, you can choose the right step dimension of your staircase. For the best tread, it should between 15 and 18 inches in width. This will give you more comfortable and safer tread when walking up and down of your staircase. The steps should be a few inches larger than the central poles to give more durability. From here you can determine how many steps you want to use to get on and get off your spiral staircase. This is very important since too few or too many steps will be dangerous.

Consider well the steps and rules above since the staircase should be completely safe. Having the right spiral staircase dimensions can lead you to the safety of your spiral staircase. Build a spiral staircase with a great safety is important since it can guarantee the durability. So, you have to be more exact and careful to determine the dimensions. If you doubt, you can ask help from builder to prevent any mistakes.

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